5 Set Large Plastic Boxes for Storage

These large set of plastic containers is ideal for storing so many items ranging from small, medium and bulky items. It is big and strong enough to keep items like clothes, shoes, books, cds, pictures and frames, bottles  and so on.

As a forty five (45) litre container, you can be rest assured it would contain a lot of items you never imagined. These five (5) sets of plastic boxes can easily be stacked up together into one unit for easy conservation of space around the rooms, hallways or garages – where ever you intend to keep them in one piece.

The lids are clear in colour so you can see through what’s been stored even before you open them to see what’s inside the boxes. The plastic lids are also clip down which fastens it’s lid closely to the containers.

And the external measurement with the lids fastened in place are: 39.5 cm wide, 59.5cm in length, and 25 cm tall. While the internal container measurement without the lid are: 54.5 cm in length, 35cm wide and 23.5cm tall.

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