Pet Food Sorage Container Black. Holds 15.5kg. Green Lid. Rubber Airtight Seal.

Kingfisher 30L Pet or Bird Food Storage Tub. Holds 15kg of food. Ideal for storing dried pet food or bird seed. Easy open flip top lid. Rubber seals built into edges. Prevents insects getting in. Keeps food fresh. Integrated scoop to dish food. Stackable design.

This durable storage container is made from high-density plastic to keep dried pet food, fish feed or bird seed fresh. The pet food and bird seed storage bin holds 15kg, has rubber seals to prevent contamination and an integrated scoop to serve food.   The bird seed and pet food storage bin has rubber seals built into the edges of the lid, which keep it completely airtight.

When the lid is closed, you can fasten it in place using its snap and lock mechanism. This stops creepy crawlies clambering into the dog food storage container and ensures food stays at its freshest.   If you feed your pet a different meal every day, or own more than one pet, you can buy multiple pet food and bird seed storage containers to keep food mixes separate.

The pet food storage container’s stackable design makes it a great space-saving storage solution.   Pet/bird food storage tub Capacity: 30 litres / 15kg Made from high density polyethylene Suitable for dried pet food or bird seed Rubber seals and snap lock mechanism Size (cm): L41.5 x H54 x D25

Product Features

  • 30L black storage tub holds 15kg of food
  • Flip top lid with rubber seals to keep food fresh
  • Perfect for storing dried pet feed and bird seed
  • Durable plastic box comes with integrated scoop
  • Size of storage tub (cm): L41.5 x H54 x D25