Huge 185 Litre Explorer Green Plastic Storage Trunk with Big Hinged Lid.

Heavy Duty Container Kids Toy Box, Garden, Garage or Shed


HUGE 185 Litre Plastic Storage Trunk Big Hinged Lid Box – Kids Toys Garden Garage

• Heavy Duty, High Quality Trunk – Perfect for Home, Work, School, Stables or Sports!
• Available in 3 colours – 2 Tone Grey, Orange/Blue or Green
• 4 point detachable / hinged lid with moulded in padlock eyes
• Can be locked with 2 long shank padlocks (not included)
• No drainage holes, means perfect for any dirty or wet gear
• Easily handles 60 kg load, can be used as seat
• Boxes Stack when full or nest inside each other when empty
• Hand grips for easy carrying
• Wheels can be purchased – Email for details
• Large Stocks, contact us for quantity discounts

• Reference Number: J05010
• Size (External): Length 850mm x Width 610mm x Height 590mm
• Size (Internal): Length 650mm x Width 410mm x Height 485mm
• Capacity: 185 Litres
• Weight: 7 kg Total
• Condition: New

• Perfect for: Camping, Fishing, For Work: Transporting Paperwork, Equipment or Materials, Diving, Distribution, Warehousing, Transport, Garage / Utility Room, Shed, Long Term Storage in the attic, shed or garage, Children’s Toys / Games in car etc…

Product Features

  • Hinged / Removable padlockable lid with massive capacity.
  • Green Base and Lid. Perfect for Home, Work, School, Stables, Sports!
  • Size (External): Length 850 x Width 610 x Height 590mm
  • Size (Internal): Length 650 x Width 410 x Height 485mm
  • Capacity: 185 Litre Weight: 7 kg