Keter Store It Out Ultra Resin Outdoor Garden Shed for Storage – Beige and Brown

Keter Store It Out Ultra Resin Outdoor Garden Shed for Storage – Beige and Brown


Such tackle is made of high quality plastic and perfect for storing of bicycles, bin, garden equipment, garden, grill accessory, lawnmowers, tools, Accessory, sports equipment, toys or rollators and, of course, you can also any other bulky items stored.

The Fahrradbox the roof is arched , thanks to the skill shown and unusual shape, it added stability, can alsonicht sagging and rainwater shall be aged then additionally, in interior this also create more space-the safe storage of their bicycles is therefore keep the lid is due to the two also integrated pneumatic springs for easy open and remains open until it again want the tackle from durable plastic, provides for all occasions a generous, easy to access Stauraum.

It weighs approximately 40 kg and can be easily put together, which is very practical tackle this, the installation is very simple and can be in-between 45 to 60 minutes to assemble a Cordless Screwdriver for the assembly is recommended. Comes in a large Schrumpffolienverpackung tackle the size is only one possible to tackle Speditionslieferung in cm.

Erected has the following dimensions: 177 cm x 113 cm x 134 (H) cm and the inner dimensions are length: Approx. 164 cm. Width: 97 cm (H) x 127 cm and is of course to tackle with a lockable Padlock (not included). With this Box create a convenient storage space for various items.

All sizes are approximate and shall refer to the maximum dimensions of the Article. the weight is also some information.

Product Features

  • XXL 2000 L storage capacity – accommodates four bicycles (two adults, two child’s)
  • Can alternatively accommodate two 240 L or three 140 L wheelie bins
  • Piston-assisted lid and wide-opening doors for easy access
  • Two lid-lifter chains for hands-free opening of bins
  • Durable weather and fade-resistant construction