3 Pack of large plastic containers – 110 litres

This large Wham capacity storage container is manufactured and produced in the United Kingdom. It is a storage ideal for keeping larger and bulkier personal items neatly and orderly in one place like big storage bags. Most people prefer using it as a loft or garage storage container, moving homes and shipping things worldwide.

What is it made from?

The large capacity storage box is made from light weight transparent plastic that enables you to see through the container without even opening it. It’s also made from strong and durable material that makes it sturdy and durable to withstand high amount of force and weight.

The boxes themselves are very light weight with lids tightly latched to the box. And you can stack as many as you like should you need 2 more of these type of boxes.

Does size really matter?

These are the largest storage plastic boxes in it’s class. With a 110 litre capacity, it is sure to contain what you’d never imagined and at a descent price in comparison to other sellers. Unfortunately, the pictures does not do it much justice – you need to see it live to believe the size.

 When can I get them?

Upon purchase, the boxes are despatched and can be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase.


To avoid breaking the lids when stacked together, the weight recommendations is between 10-15 kilograms.

The internal measurement of the boxes are: 35 centimetre (length), Depth 40 centimetres and 68 centimetres (bottom). While the external measurement include: 69 centimetres  (lid) length x 42 centimetre ( bottom to lid) height x 34 centimetre wide

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